20 tips to make your home more Eco-friendly!

Updated: Feb 8

We've made a list of the top 20 changes you can make to have a more eco friendly home, whether its an existing or a new build!

As we move more and more towards sustainability and eco friendly living, it only makes sense that we also make our homes more environmentally friendly! Whether is a new or existing build, there’s always changes both big and small that we can make to improve our carbon foot prints.

When looking at ways to ecofiy your home, it's always important to look at every possible detail: plumbing, electricity, water, gas, building materials, insulation, ventilation, heating, AC, windows, appliances, solar, even your own habits!

Read on to see our favourite tips we've brought together for you to increase your homes performance and lower it’s running costs by making to more efficient and comfortable!

#1: Use non-toxic, natural and sustainable materials when building and/or maintaining your home. These not only help lower costs in the long run, but are better for your health too!

We like to use home made cleaners like orange peel with vinegar, eco brands and even make bulk purchases from stores like The Source Bulk Foods.

#2: Switch to LED lights and make the most of the daylight. By switching the type of light you use, and making the most of natural daylight it will help save costs on your electricity bills.

#3: Make a little compost bin to put all your fruit and veg scraps in, bonus you’ve scored yourself free fertiliser and it doesn’t need to be big or smelly! We suggest getting a small one like this Flora and Fauna starter kit, to put all of your veggie and fruit scraps in, as well as used paper towels.

#4: Use double glazed windows to help thermally insulate your home from both heat and cold. Our friends at ARCO Double Glazing have an amazing product, as well as incredible workmanship and customer service.

#5: Add some CO2 absorbers like aloe vera and snake plants! Great for purifying and producing extra O2. The greenery not only brings some added aesthetic to your home but also helps ground and provide better overall heal due to their air clearing properties.

#6: Look into renewable energy sources like solar panels for generating hot water and electricity. Living in such a sunny country, we should be taking full advantage of all the sun ray we receive to help lower energy costs while helping our beautiful planet. Check out FOS electrical for your solar power needs.

#7: Look at your appliance rating and go for the more energy efficient ones. Alternatively use appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine at night time during off-peak electricity hours.

#8: Insulate your home properly. Make sure it is draft proof by adding foam tape to any cracks in windows and doors to avoid heat or cool air loss during the winter and summer months. By reducing the amount of leaked thermal control, you will lower your bills and the amount of AC or heating you need to use overall.

#9: Clean the filter on your fridge and dryer. It may seem like a simple thing to do, but you will be amazed at what a difference it makes in how much more efficiently they will run when clean! Try out this brush that you can get from Amazon.

#10: Use 👏🏼 Your 👏🏼 Line 👏🏼 Dryer!!! We get so much sun and beautiful days, it's an absolute no brainer to not use your outdoor clothes line. Free to use and gets the job done well.

#11: On the flip side, if you must use a dryer then invest in some dryer balls. They're made from wool, essentially last for-everrr, and do the exact same job as dryer sheets minus the chemicals and wastage!

#12: Continuing on the topic of washing, its best to use cold water where you can. It washes just as well as hot water and a bonus is that it actually helps remove stains better!

#13: PAY YA BILLS ONLINE! We don't need paper bills, we live in a technology based world, so make the switch now! Yes, right now! Not tomorrow, but now! Just do it, go!

#14: Have leaky taps in the house? Fix them pronto! It may seem like just a few drops of water, but over time it adds up to a whooolle lot of water water, which will be added to your water bill anyways, so you may as well fix it and save yourself the extra coin.

#15: Recycle your soft plastics as well. General recycling bins can't take in soft plastics as they jam the automated sorting machines. Instead you can take them to your local Woolies or Coles to drop off and get properly recycled.

#16: Turn off or unplug any power points that arent in use. Leaving them on or having appliances left on standby will leak electricity,

#17: Use essential oils to make your home smell fresh and clean. You can either DIY your own sprays and oil diffusers, or you can use a mist diffuser instead.

#18: Say goodbye to paper towels and use old rags instead. This helps keep them out of landfill and gives old shirts an new purpose. Just cut them up to use, and wash when dirty to reuse as many times as it will last.

#19: Plant some flowers in the garden like Abelia, lavender, honey myrtle and butterfly bush. These are fantastic sources of pollen and nectar for our native honey bees, which are so important to our ecosystem. #savethebees

#20: And last but certainly not least, be mindful. Look at what you can cut down your use on, make sure your recycling correctly, upcycle where you can.

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