Massa is inspired by the Massa- Carrara Province in the foothills of the Apulian region of Tuscany. Extracting the essence from the finest white marble in the world, with tones of white, blue and grey. It is the perfect piece of impart elegance to any space.

8 different faces.

$80 m2 : 600x1200 mm


The Calacatta design is from Tuscany, Italy, where the marble of Michelangelo's sculptures was sourced. It is a delicate, crystal with a wide open texture.

8 different faces.

$55m2 : 300x600 mm

$60m2 : 600x600 mm

$80m2 : 600x1200 mm

Gloss, honed and mosaic available


Inspired by the European black marble, Sorrento resembles magnificent rivers and lakes. When taking a closer look, the many fractures of within the marble become visible. Pure lines are strong but gentle, just as special and fascinating as Sorrento, a small town in the Italian Peninsula.

8 different faces.

$80 m2 : 600x1200mm


Inspired by Napoli, the southern coastal city in Italy.

The clear and rich textures are

changing and stretching layers upon layers with sheer aesthetics.

8 different faces.

$80 m2 : 600x1200mm


It carries the gene of Venice spiral stones, presenting us the marine life debris thousands of years ago across the vicissitudes of history.

Wandering through the long history, one may feel that a single second is eternal. Dignified as fossil, artfully unrestrained texture gives rise to inspirations that transcend time and space.

12 different faces.

$80 m2 : 600x1200mm