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 Creating the future in glazed porcelain tiles

When we need the easy-care properties of a tile, where choice of material is restricted by exposure to water or abrasion... do we settle for a 'timber-look' or 'stone-look' tile? 

Or would we prefer a tile that looks like timber, a tile that looks like stone? 

Tile manufacturing has previously been limited by traditional screen printing, to create pattern and texture. This can still make lovely tiles  - but we know we are looking at tiles.


How do we make a tile that mimics its natural counterpart so well, that even up close we can't tell its tile. How do we engineer a method allowing for numerous design faces, for a varied, therefore realistic landscape, from a distance.


This challenge has been met.   

Following 5 months travelling through Italy, to inspire the creation of a new aesthetic, Nanogress Porcellanato have innovated the future in tile engineering, to create hyper-realistic looks, for high-performance, design freedom.


A 3D ink-jet Glaze system delivers high-resolution imaging, balanced colours, and multiple design faces sprayed over a micro-engraved, porcelain body.


The porcelain is super-dense with a porosity of just 0.05% to platform the texture detail. 

The glaze then prints smoothly over this texture, creating slip resistance that is also easy to clean. In engineering a tile that meets the aesthetic, Nanogress have made a tile that ticks all the boxes in performance and ease of care. 

This level of performance and genuine aesthetic allows for continuous flow through living areas into wet areas, from indoor to outdoor areas... 

You can continue the warmth of a timber floor through to your ensuite. You can continue a living room through to your alfresco, for a free-plan appearance that brings your indoor out and your outdoor in. You can reduce lines and separations between rooms, creating a statement canvas.

There are no limits anymore. And no maintenance for concern.

And at $55 - $78m2 they won't break the bank. 

So if you want your areas to look tiled - sorry, we can't help you.

Nanogress Impact Hardness Demonstration