These tiles are not your ordinary tiles.  

Nanogress Porcellanato... where the tiles tell a story.

The journey began in Italy, where for 5 months a team of designers explored the terrains. They were inspired to create a new type of aesthetic and in doing so, took a new step towards the future of the engineering of tiles. With patented technology, Nanogress have produced high performance glazed porcelain tiles. These mimic the nature inspired equivalent to a precision where even up close, it can still not be identified as tile. 


A product that finally offers limitless freedom to design,  where restrictions to water, abrasion and even maintenance are no longer of concern. Numerous design faces allow to avoid repetition and provide an uncanny resemblance to the natural inspiration.

From only $55m2, it's a luxury that won't make a dent in the bank.

Products available to ship nationally.

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